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Why I teach?

I have been doing balloons for over 23 years. When I started I took classes from skilled leaders in the field. I attended Ballooniversity several years, IBAC which is WBC now and several other classes and I still do to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. 

There are 2 reasons I decided to teach.  I have a passion for what I do and I wanted to be able to help others learn to be self sufficient and make a decent living. Second because people were always asking me will I teach them this art.

My classes are set up for creative people who truly know with skills they can do this. Some people believe because they have a degree and awards it makes them more educated to teach apparently the have not taken life skills into the mix. There are plenty of people who God blessed with natural creative talent. There are people on YouTube who have never taken classes for anything and they wow. In todays world people are seeking mentors to teach them. People shouldn't have save money for months to take a class for something they believe can help them make extra money.  

When I first decided to teach I was judged by several people telling me all sorts of negative things.  When I first started doing balloons years ago the same thing.  Well I didn't let anybody stop me then or now.  My suggestion to you is anything you put your mind to you can achieve with knowledge and skills. If you allow negative stinking thinking controlling people to stop you, are you ever going to achieve anything in life?  Some people judge because of jealousy and feeling threaten, yes threaten that you will be better than them, let them deal with their issues.

I am spending my time on each one teach one, not worrying that someone I may teach may become better than me.  Why am I not focused on that?  In this world there is “ALWAYS” someone who is going to be better than someone else at something, it’s life. 

Mission statement – Teach students and be available to help them in future to achieve having a successful business.

Company policy – We offer to help you at our creative studio and/or onsite with your first decorating job if you are local.  Getting your first decorating job and completing it can be challenging but don't fear we will help you do it successfully.

Member of Qualatex Balloon Network – When Pioneer balloon company introduced their Qualatex membership program I joined in 1995. Membership was important to me because it taught me how to be different than my competitors.  I learned regular party stores, gift shops, grocery stores and floral shops don't train their staff to do speciality items.         

Column Balloon Class

Column Balloon Class